The Lawn Mower Problem

Since the very beginning of the mowing season my mower has been giving me troubles. It had been running under powered to the point that I couldn’t go at full speed. In fact, if I was running the blades and tried going up hill it would nearly stall out. Our lawn isn’t small to begin with and with the machine running so slowly it was taking me around 3 hours to cut the whole thing.

After talking to Dad and a few other folks and checking the internet, I think the general consensus was that using bad fuel had clogged the carburetor up and it needed cleaning. Although another possibility was that the fuel line was partially clogged. I intended to take the machine down the a repair person who lives in town but just never got around to it. Between work, family time, business research time, and mowing the lawn very, very, very, slowly there isn’t much time left over.

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