A General Update

The last few weeks have been busy but also slow. I haven’t started any further projects around the house and I’m still doing lots of research into the business. To avoid going too long in between posting updates I figured I could write a general update on the few things that are still actively being worked on.

First, for the business project, I’m still working on my formal business plan. To write the plan I’ve been using the Small Business Administration’s website. They have a large amount of very useful information and resources. Plus, I figure that when I go to them for a loan they will look upon my plan approvingly when they see I used their website to write it! I’m excited about the progress I’ve made so far but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. The next big part is writing up some projections. There is a lot of data that will need to go into it. Some of that I can gleam from the current owners tax returns but the most important parts I’ll just have to figure out on my own.

Another interesting avenue of research was just brought to my attention by my Dad. Apparently Sheetz is pushing some new legislation on how some liquor licenses will be issued. I need to find out if this will affect Derry Beverage or not, and if so, then in what way. This will require me getting in touch with the local politicians asking them for details. Even if the legislation doesn’t affect me I think this will be a good exercise in learning how the political landscape crosses with the business world. I suppose for such a small business there really shouldn’t be much in the way of political shenanigans but I image it would be silly to ignore the subject completely.

On a different topic, I installed another section of my fence using my homemade fence puller… Yes, just one… (I can hear the Fair Piper sighing at me.) But more importantly, I think I figured out how to install my corner post.

Fence Another Section

Perhaps you can see the problem above. To install the newest section of fence I had to park right up against the garage. So where will I park the mower to install the corner post? Well, I found a few more ratchet straps and I think what I’m going to do is to park the mower on the other side of the garage and daisy chain the straps behind the bush to the other side where it can grab onto the fence puller. …If you’re thinking that this sounds even more dangerous than the first way… Well, you’re probably right but if you’ve got a better idea feel free to put it in the comments!

And that’s pretty much it right now. I’m expecting this month to be very busy and will hopefully have more things to write about soon. I’m going to install a new water heater, hopefully get more fence done, and of course try to finish that plan… Wow, even to me that sounds way too ambitious… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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