The New Addition/The Importance of Writing

Earlier this year my family was blessed with our second child. It is a girl and she is healthy and happy. Between work, school, and caring for a new born I’ve found it very difficult to find the time to write. What time I have usually goes towards school work. Although I do regret those missed writing opportunities, I certainly don’t find it upsetting. I’m more than happy to put my website on the back burner while I desperately try to figure out why the new baby won’t stop crying!

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Business Update

So in the last month we have had more progress! I’ve talked to three different banks. One of them turned me down pretty quickly, another seems to be still thinking about it, and the last one has give formal acceptance of the acquisition. Fortunately the last one is the bank I was hoping to work with most! Now, we still need to convince the Small Business Administration, but my loan officer will be handling most of that. And she’s worked with the SBA enough that she is confident there won’t be any problems.

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Making Hard Cider

One of my hobbies for a while now has been fermenting hard cider. A while ago someone asked me what was the point when you can buy very good beer/cider from any store? Well, because it’s fun and you get to drink it when your done! It gives you things to do and to learn. In fact, if you are so inclined, you can expand into biology and chemistry from the basics of home brewing. When Firecracker gets older I’ll enjoy teaching her all this while she helps me (not with the drinking part, mind you!). In the meanwhile I need to continue attempting to perfect my craft.


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